Web 2.0 Sites/Apps

The first site I used, which I’ve used in High School, was Edmodo. This site is similar to Twitter in the sense that you can post small messages to your class, as a teacher or as a student, and everyone can see them who is in the class group. This site helps manage the class with assignments, resources and reflections; the site also keeps the class, as a whole, connected and free to share anything for the class itself. In terms of standards, this class encourages students to work together and build a small community within their classes with their classmates and teachers. In our age of social media, this class easily connects with students because of the twitter feeling to it. Students can also reach out for further learning in a way that was not possible by just sitting in a classroom raising a hand or asking questions after class. As a prerequisite, to understand this site, one would need to have a general understanding of how social media works. This is specifically to how sharing work, comments and resources works; the site itself, even though in-depth, is easy to understand and navigate once some time is spent exploring the features. The strengths of this site is how easy it is to use and to implement into a classroom through phones, computers, tablets; also how enriching the class becomes with this site/app. Some limitations would be the same fact of it being a social media-style site, so if the teacher does not run it regularly then it becomes a distraction, and the site can be used as a cyber bullying platform if not run correctly. Edmodo would be best for Middle to High School grades because of its structure.

I used Pinterest and even though I have used it before, I still am not as familiar with the site. The site has thousands of posts posted by people; by this I mean that an idea can be posted for others to see and use. This could be a drawing or an activity for a class. This site is great for teachers who want help on expanding their lesson plans, without the copyright problems. It can be support for engaging students in class; as a teacher, you have to continue to expand your lessons for your students and that can be very difficult so with Pinterest, you can get ideas to add to your lessons. As a prerequisite, you do not really need to know anything specific to the site, it is just postings that you can incorporate into your activities and work. The strengths of this site is that it’s free, simple, and easy to work with; it is a virtual pin board. I did not find any limitations to the site from what I saw; it really is simple and perfect for school use. For creativity use it is perfect for elementary school, but it is very good for middle/high school teachers.

Finally I used HULU, which is the streaming service that competes with Netflix and Amazon Prime. The service streams shows and movies. When talking about standards, HULU helps with streaming content that can connect to the lessons being being taught. For prerequisites, one has to know that the service is not free and it was not structured to be for educational purposes. The site has a large variety of content to watch ranging from many genres. The limitations are that the site is not meant for school, and the content is hard to control for school. Not to mention the content is mostly for entertainment and can be a big distraction in school. The teacher really needs to use HULU for specific purposes to avoid distractions. For these reasons, the service is better for high school and for mainly the teachers to use.


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