True or Not? Information Literacy

It has been talked about for a long time now, as technology keeps advancing it has become a source for research for students everywhere through the internet. Being information literate is described as knowing when to search for information and where effectively. To be information literate, you have to be able to narrow research down to what can be trustworthy; a source being peer reviewed is something that immediately wins over any student researching. It is easy to categorize someone or something as information literate, but can you teach someone how to be information literate?

Many teachers just take away sources of research because “they’re not accepted”, this does not teach the student where to look online for information or how to judge an article, or site correctly. This is something that is looked over constantly, so we need to teach students the skills essential for information literacy. Elements of this is teaching where to look for author credentials, sources of the site, what journal is being looked at, etc. However this is just scratching the surface. Students can be taught, but teachers need to, first, learn how to effectively research online to prepare what to teach. Here is where students have the advantage. This generation is full of technology experts and teachers who did not grow up with this tech is already behind their students. So can we prepare students to be effective users of this source of research? Not prepare, that is already out the door, but we can guide students on how to judge what is being read. For this, the teachers need to also learn how to effectively use the internet as a tool for knowledge.


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