Digital Immigrants/Natives

In recent discussions about this generation’s use of technology there has been an emphasis on the ideas of digital immigrants, who are the people that were not raised with the technology from now, and digital natives, who are this generation that have lived with all the technology from now. The arguments that come with these concepts are that teachers should adapt to these new type of students because the way the lessons plans were designed are jut not connecting with this generation; therefore, using technology in terms to augment education is the logical strategy to keep students interested in school. This is something that is increasingly becoming the main issue in schools throughout. On the other hand, many teachers and professors have argued that using technology to the level that is wanted for this new generation will take away from the learning itself; “old school” is the way to go. This argument has validity but there is enough proof to realize that this just does not work anymore and students need schools to jump to their level of technology literacy or it will be left behind.

My own view on this issue, in terms of elementary education, is that teachers have to adapt to the technology-driven student mind. In elementary school, the students take in more than in the later years due to their age; this means that students will be taken over by anything they see on the internet and this will carry over into school time and will connect with the other students. A community is formed in the classes based on something on the internet, this is accessed through phones and computers. School faculty needs to find a way to implement technology into school so the curiosity that students get can come back to education. Although some object to this, it is inevitable that this generation will keep advancing in terms of technology and if schools do not work towards catching up then the gap between education and students will widen even more.


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