Introductory Concepts

In recent discussions on whether technology should be more incorporated in classrooms, there have been sides where this should not be something schools should strive to. On the other hand, others say that this is something that should happen for schools to keep benefiting students. Then there are the views that are somewhat in the middle. It is argued that classrooms taking a more technological side to lessons will take away from learning and slowly alter the classroom to lose its educational value. According to this view it is discussed that technology will slowly take away from what is learned in class and the classroom will become game time. It is also argued that staying with pencil and paper actually still works for this new generation because writing down helps develop ideas more compared to just jumping in on typing work. On the other hand, many argue that implementing more technology will cater more to students since outside the classroom is a world that is dominated by the internet and devices; here students are immersed in many areas as history, science, etc. that students will actually care about. The use of technology will keep students connected with all their interests in and out of the classroom, isn’t this what school strives for? this argument really applies perfectly to this technology dominated generation. In sum, the argument comes down to whether or not schools should buy into the idea of technology teaching with teachers for the benefit of the students.

Another side to this is actually leaning more towards using technology but knowing how to. By this, it means that technology can be implemented into classrooms but not be overused with things that do not need technology as in drawing, writing, and mathematics. My own view agrees with this because I have been in classes where technology is the main use of learning but it wasn’t used correctly; I’ve learned of math classes that strive for technology use but the teacher maybe just didn’t know how to balance this to the learning within the lessons. The balance of technology in classrooms can come from simple uses as apps for quizzing, reflecting on lessons, and drives for project work; but maybe not for diagrams that can easily be done on paper in groups. That’s not to say that these uses can work, but the teacher needs to create the necessary equality in the forms of learning in class. Although some object to this, it should be discussed more as, no matter what, technology will jump into schools and teachers need to know how to adapt to this coming change.



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